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Spider Veins

Why Suffer From Unsightly Veins?

It’s all too easy for spider veins to become the only thing you notice when you look in the mirror or put on shorts. Spider veins most commonly appear on the legs, but can also appear on the face, marring your complexion. If you’re feeling self-conscious because of red, blue or purple vein clusters, it’s time to learn more about your treatment options.


Spider veins are the more superficial vessels in the skin, usually only a cosmetic nuisance. They can be 4-5 mm wide blue veins and as small as 1mm tiny red spider veins.

Spider veins are not always directly caused by varicose veins, but before treatment you should be evaluated to make sure there are no varicose veins present.


The Spectrum’s long pulsed Yag laser will diminish the appearance of existing veins on the face and legs. Once the laser light is applied to the skin, it enters into the vein, where the energy from the laser is absorbed and the vein walls collapse and seal shut, eliminating the vein’s appearance on the skin. Eliminating veins with the long pulsed Yag laser is quick and effective.


The hand-piece placed on the skin will feel cool and comfortable. When the laser pulse is delivered, you may feel a slight stinging or the sensation of a small rubber band snapping on the skin. No anesthetic or pain medication is required, but you may choose to apply a topical anesthetic prior to treatment.


Prior to treatment at we will review your medical history to determine how long you have had a problem with your spider veins and the severity of the problem. We need to determine if there has been any prior surgery or treatment on your veins. We test to determine if there are any underlying problems with larger vessels. If there are, further testing may be advised before therapy is attempted.

What Should I Expect Post-Treatment?

You may experience some temporary redness, swelling or bruising. This doesn’t happen often and is typically gone within a few hours. Others may experience pigmentary changes in skin color. But these will disappear and return to normal over time. Since laser treatment does not burn or cut the skin in any way, no bandages or compression stockings are necessary. You will be able to do light exercise or activity, but we recommend no vigorous exercise for 24 to 48 hours, depending on the size of the veins treated. After facial vein treatments you can resume all usual activity and exercise.

How to Prepare for Spider Vein Removal

You should avoid sun exposure and tanning (including artificial tanning products and procedures) before and after your treatments. Also, you should discontinue the use of any blood thinners such as Coumadin, aspirin or other types of anti-platelet or anti-coagulant herbal remedies including Garlic, Ginger, Cayenne, Gingko, Gingko biloba, Selenium, Papaya, Bilberry and Vitamin E Tablets/Supplements.


How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Results are unique to each individual depending on several factors including the extent and size of the veins being treated. Typically a number of treatments are necessary for optimal results. Treatments should be performed over one month intervals in order to accurately assess progress, and adjust settings as necessary.

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