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IPL Photofacial

Reveal Your Radiance

Enhance your natural beauty with IPL (intense pulsed light) photofacial, designed to effectively target a wide range of imperfections. Whether you want to treat dark spots, vascular lesions, rosacea, or fine lines, IPL can be an effective first step on the path to overall rejuvenation and enhancement of your natural beauty.

WHAT IS IPL Photofacial?

An IPL Photofacial is a non-ablative “lunchtime” skin procedure that uses concentrated filtered light to rejuvenate your skin. IPL can help you improve your complexion without injuring or removing the skin surface.


The IPL device emits lightwaves that are targeted at hemoglobin (the red blood cells in the blood vessels) or melanin (freckles and age spots). The light beam is absorbed by either hemoglobin or melanin. These tiny vessels and the melanin pigment are then absorbed by the body, rendering them less visible.


Overall, IPL therapy is known for helping even skin tone. Whatever kind of skin issues you have. If you have any kind of dark spot on your face that you’re self conscious about, this will help immensely.


Sun damage and skin complexion results are noticeable a few days after the first session. Your skin will continue to gradually improve, with a significant improvement in clarity and complexion after 1-2 weeks. Results are permanent. However, future sun exposure will make your skin susceptible to additional damage.

IPL Vs. Lasers: What's the Difference?

What makes IPL different from laser is that it directs a broad-spectrum high intensity light pulse on the skin instead of a more invasive, precisely calibrated laser beam set on a narrower, specific wavelength. IPL operates on a wider range of wavelengths and thus, one IPL machine can treat more than one condition, using special filters to remove unwanted wavelengths and keep only those required for the specific skin concern being addressed.

Am I A Good Candidate For IPL Photfacial?

This treatment targets a variety of skin conditions. Client’s who are skin types 1 – 4 on the Fitzpatrick scale are eligible for this treatment. The client must not be on antibiotics or other medication that causes sensitivity to light. The client must also not have been in prolonged exposure to the sun within two weeks before the appointment to avoid burning the skin. We recommend wearing sunscreen SPF 50 is routinely daily.


What to Expect Post-Treatment

Results may vary depending on the aggression and target of the treatment. Freckles will begin to flake off in a process described as “peppering.” The client should see noticeable improvements in tone and texture. The client may notice collagen stimulation plumping the skin and decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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